I’m a big kid now.

I’ve decided to take the leap from my tumblr, and create a new blog that would be strictly dedicated to my writing. 
This could work out well, but it could also get neglected. The “About Me” section explains the notion for the URL title. 
I won’t be neglecting my tumblr, but this is my 2014 project and I’m bringing it to life. 
This could end up working out really well, or it could fail miserably.
But, in the words of the Rolling Stones, “If you try some times, you just might find, you get what you need”
I need a place to vent about the University life, about love, a place for my poetry (other than Instagram, even though the love I get from those individuals is out of this world and I cannot stress how thankful I am.)
This is exactly the place to do it. 

Your Awkward Neighbourhood Girl,




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