The only Valentine for Awkward Girls

What does the awkward girl even look for in a guy? A heartbeat. The awkward girl has a specific type. Majority of them won’t go for the Jock that wears his testosterone on his sleeve. They look for the Dan Humphrey’s of the world.
Usually when the awkward girl goes out in public, she plays her own game of  “Where’s Waldo.” The guy that stands out is the one the awkward girl is more intrigued in, because they’re the most relatable. Here they are: 1. The Musician: Whenever the musician upsets or annoys the awkward girl, all they have to do is serenade her and bam all is forgiven. Ever since John Hughes did the whole “John Cusack stands outside a girls window with a boom-box professing his love to her” ordeal, music has become the ideal way to romance a woman. The awkward girl, who pays close attention to the detail of a song, also won’t mind a singer. Nightingales are the new iPods. Examples:
John Cusack in Say Anything
Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You
Douglas Booth in LOL
2. The Writer: The writer has a way with words, and can tell you 20 different ways that you shine and glow and sparkle under the stars. The writer writes, and when a writer writes about you, it’s because you’re a pretty big deal to them as an individual.
Robert Pattinson in Remember Me
Logan Lermon in Perks of Being A WallFlower
3. The Romanticist: Nicholas Sparks has saved men universally with his romantic ways. Every girl, regardless of how disgusted they are by the idea of love, craves and desires her own romantic movie moment. You know, when the violins start playing, rain comes pouring down, and the love of your life stops you from getting on your flight because you’re his Juan and Only.
Joseph Gordon-Lewitt in 500 Days of Summer
Ansel Elgort in The Fault in Our Stars

4. The Mysterious Soul: This is another way to say “the bad boys” They reek of mystery and even when they breathe, they do it in such a way that their soul looks tortured every time they exhale. The awkward girl won’t go looking for the bad boy that smokes cigarettes and rides a Harley because she hates the breath of a smoker, and she’s more of a Vespa kind of girl.
Johnny Depp in Cry Baby
giphy (1)
Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl


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