February 11th 2014

As a writer, you know how to carefully word things

You seem to know all the right things to say

People expect that from us

They expect us to sit on rooftops, chain-smoking, and pour our heart and souls into a lined piece of paper.

As a writer, you can turn the most ugly of words into sheer poetic beauty

As a writer, you can get in a lot of trouble for writing about an individual

That doesn’t want to be written about.

But you do it anyways, because who the fuck cares?

You’re a writer.

However, as a writer you’ll mess up on your grammar, and spelling

So people end up holding it against you

Especially when you babble about the difference between high-waisted jeans and regular jeans

To a beautiful man, who could care less

But is entertained by your loss of words, and with a cunning smirk

That could easily get a writer to shut up


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