What do you mean I’m addicted to Coffee?

Okay, so I might be that student that will choose getting a coffee and showing up late to class, over being on time.
Fun Fact: I used to run back to school during High School, so I wouldn’t be late for class. The obsession/OCD stopped around Grade 12, when Coffee came into my life.
(Actual re-enactment of first Coffee experience)
At first I’d get the usual Iced Cappucino from Tim Hortons, then I started becoming dependant on their Iced Coffees.
That’s when I realized I was becoming an adult. 
It didn’t matter if Toronto was under an “Extreme-Cold Weather Alert,” I would always have an Iced Coffee in hand.
Then, as University approached…I realized how many Starbucks there were in the area.So, I signed up for the “Starbucks Rewards Membership” and hit Gold within a month. (You need to have purchased 36 drinks to hit Gold, please don’t do the math.) That’s when I went from Iced Coffee’s to, I need 3 shots of Espresso now. She says as she twitches at the Starbucks counter, barely able to hold herself up whilst leaning on the counter, 5 minutes until her 8am class. No one was safe. “Sorry Miss, our machine isn’t working, What is it that you wanted?”

When I started running out of money to support myself, my mother blessed me with a Coffee Machine. 
I had to “learn” how to make Coffee for myself. *Rolls eyeballs out of their sockets*
So how do you know you have a Coffee addiction?

1. When you spend all your lunch money on 7$ Coffee in the morning.
2. When all your dates revolve around going to the Coffee shop of your choice
3. When you’re envious of people’s legs shaking on days that you haven’t had Coffee
4. When you know where every Starbucks location in the GTA is.
5. When you ask for Starbucks giftcards for birthdays, holidays, break-ups
6. When your excuse for bitchiness in the morning is “Sorry I haven’t had my Coffee yet”Image

7. Missing the bus, because you haven’t stopped to get a Coffee yet. 
8. Due to excessive amounts of espresso, your heart beats to the same Rhythm as the Friends Theme Song
9. Getting emotional over Free Coffee
10. Keeping an eye-out in Coffee shops for your future Husband







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