I Procrastinated On A Valentine’s Post

I know I’m a week late, but let’s talk about love.

Two of the greatest feelings in the world is being loved, and loving yourself.

I know I’m a week late, but if you were to tell me about your love life and your love story a year ago, I would’ve projectiled, rolled my eyes, and started reciting Great Expectations by Charles Dickens in my mind, in Spanish.
Now I can’t help but listen and appreciate the fact that guys actually will go to great lengths for the girls they love.
A few of my close friends professed emotions whilst explaining their Valentines Day rendezvous.
I couldn’t help but feel happy for them, rather than disgruntled over it.
1) They deserve it
2) The notion of the 2014 male doing something more than flowers and chocolates means something.
Now, I’m not saying flowers and chocolates on Valentines isn’t a good thing. You don’t need to take her to a stadium and wine & dine her with Wolfgang Puck’s dishes. Writing a goofy song about her, is something money can’t buy.
Each of the girls were smiling wider than The Joker and one of them couldn’t even let go of her necklace (also a Valentines Gift from her boyfriend.)
There’s always a Grinch on Valentine’s Day.
(Avoid these people)
please consider the following:
You don’t need to be in love to enjoy Valentine’s Day
You don’t need to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine’s Day
You just need to be appreciative that we live in a world where love is still evident, and you don’t need a significant other to feel it.

I’ve only had one Valentine, and it was in Grade 7. I received Chocolates, and a teddy bear that liked to occasionally speak in the middle of the night.
Mark my words: My children will never have any doll or stuffed animal that speaks. Because it’ll be another Chucky movie waiting to happen. 
Have I experienced romantic-love yet? No, I thought I have many times. However, I’ve experienced a different kind of love. Love at the bottom of a coffee cup, the end of a book, and love at first sight with Aaron Carter in a music video.
Aaron Carter currently follows me on Twitter, this is not a drill.

Eventually, someone else will write my love story for me. Let’s pray it’s not Nicholas Sparks
Happy Saturday, listen to some Semisonic and Spin Doctors,




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