“140 Characters does not suffice” – Weekly Update

As I sit here on this Monday night, i’m content with the sun going down at 7:20 rather than 4:30. My vinyl player is spinning but the volume’s turned down, sometimes I just like to stare at it and listen to utter silence, using the creaking floors and noisy neighbours as my soundtrack. 
Today was quite interesting. Then again, isn’t every day an interesting one?
Today was the first day I felt like an English major.
Since I’ve stepped into my University shoes, I began to feel uneasy and unsure about majoring in English. I was intimidated by others, but today it must have been the Kanye playlist or the fact that I’m turning 19 in 3 months. I can legally drink champagne whenever I have a day like today. Back to why I feel like an English major. I gained the confidence to speak up about the novel we’re currently reading because quite frankly, I can relate a lot to Joan Didion. Didion’s just as paranoid as I am, and she also doesn’t hide her strange mannerisms from the world. 

Neither do I, that’s why I love Twitter. 

Twitter Rant
Twitter’s my reality show. Am I a serial tweeter? Depending on the day. However, I find people take social media too seriously. It’s a crime now a days to Tweet too much, or post too many photos on Instagram. 7 selfies a day is a little extreme, but what about the photographers? What about the Food Bloggers? They get paid for it, but us Digital Natives pay for the expensive looking Coffee’s and hell yes do we deserve to show it off. The fact of the matter is that we’re the new age, we’re the Digital Natives (All my SSH 205 students know this term, am I right?) and it shouldn’t be a crime in itself to embrace that. Twitter does get used and abused but that’s what it’s there for. Twitter is free therapy. Someone deserves to laugh with you at the sarcastic comments you come up with when you should be paying attention in lectures. The best part is, that Twitter gives you freedom of speech, with 140 characters of course. People can relate, debate, or hate, but at the end of the day it shouldn’t impact what you have to say. Why the spiel?I’ve been listening in on conversation’s about this lately, and I felt the need to write about it. Plus I’ve neglected you for a while Blog, and Blog Audience. 


Cinnamon Buns Addiction
For the past 9 weeks, I’ve bought a roll of cinnamon buns from Pillsbury. 

Iggy Azalea bringing back Clueless
If you have not seen Iggy Azalea’s new music video click the link in the music section below. Iggy slayed the female rap industry by bringing one of the greatest 90’s movies (other than Pulp Fiction and Hocus Pocus) into the Rap Game. Her latest music video is Clueless based, and the wardrobe has me crying tears i’ve never cried before. S/o to Lauren for getting tickets for the 25th. Put on your plaid skirts and your chokers, 90’s are making a comeback .

Need any good music for the upcoming good weather? (minus Thursday)
Check out my pal Ryan Borges rap/jazz group “Closed Circuit” 
Closed Circuit – Just The Two of Us

Phillip Phillips – Raging Fire

Coldplay – Magic 

Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day

Iggy Azalea Feat Charli-XCX


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