Do Opposites Really Attract?

Daniella sits on her couch as her mother watches British Soap Opera’s, and her cat decides to re-create Kim Kardashian’s Tape, whilst cleaning herself. With a mason-jar filled with lemon water, and Sam Smith on repeat, she begins to feel like an episode of Sex and The City.
(The writing portion of it of course, Daniella doesn’t leave her house)

Now that i’m done talking about myself in 3rd person…
Let’s discuss this matter. The matter that’s been pestering my mind all day. 
“Do opposites really attract?”

I know it’s vague subject matter, but i’m curious. 
Many touch on the subject, and often use it when two very distinct beings try to show emotion but their contrasting qualities deprive them of their full potential with one another..wait. Sorry
English: When two different people like one another, know they’re different and people use “Opposites attract to make them feel better”
Movies portray two different notions of this.
Depicting an idea of “Opposites Attract” working out
Grease (1978)
Shrek (2001)
Pretty Woman (1990)

However, a little difference couldn’t hurt somebody.
Or could it? I guess that’s my question. 

But how do we know that this works?
How do we know that opposites attract?
Although they’re similar, there’s always the differences driving a wedge between them.
It’s like pairing together a vegan and a carnivore. 
It’s like Olivia Chow dating Rob Ford
But then again, life has a way of working itself out. 
So, I keep contradicting myself. 
As curious as I am, I decided to text/tweet a few friends and ask them myself. 

People who think opposites do attract:

People Who Don’t Agree on Opposites Attracting:


Conclusion: I feel like this has become an essay, but it’s opened my eyes in a way. Usually, I’m trying to impact people with my writing, but for once it’s these individual’s answers that have impacted my take on the topic. Depending on the situation there may be a necessity for differences, if two people are too alike it often gets boring. With differences you end up learning a lot about the person, you even learn more from the person and everything in life is a learning experience. What impacted me the most was the part about the most beautiful things coming from the worst opposites. It makes sense, the notion of Fries tasting good with a chocolate milkshake, etc. 
However, there all downfalls. There’s Type A and Type B and curiosity may not intrigue the being right away. 
Now, what I take from this. 
It’s a compatible balance. Someone prefers an espresso rather than a latte, or cigarettes to calm them down rather than aggressive rap music. 
Opposites have a way of meeting two different individuals in the middle. 


One thought on “Do Opposites Really Attract?

  1. crow says:

    I think the whole “opposites attract” is a completely cliché ideology boosted from far-fetched cult classics like Pretty in Pink. My belief is that people are attracted to what they’re most comfortable with physically and mentally. This being that a person’s standards would be confined to what they believe is compatible to their needs.

    Say, you have a recluse who is in dire need of a companion that can break them out of their shell and the norms of everyday life – they need a light to to their flickering flame – something to help them see the world for what it really is. But then you have a recluse, such as myself, who yearns for the idea of someone to understand and share my cynicism of life on earth. I don’t want someone with opposing ideas to disagree with my theories, because I know what I believe in, I just want someone who sees reality through the same pair of eyes that I see so that we can conquer this shitty world together – harmoniously. I don’t want to butt heads, I want to share a mind. Although, with that said, some people are attracted to this kind of act, some love to rise in contradictions to see two sides of an argument. It is all preference.

    We are all different people with different tastes. We are attracted to the things that we find comfort in. This comfort could be found in something adventurous or safe. From the conversations that I’ve observed in your article, it seems as though they’re all really just speaking from preference.

    I apologize for the rambles. Very interesting opinions in the messages your friends have shared. Much dues from a another young girl..
    -m. crow

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