This next post could possibly change two individuals lives..

What an enticing title…
But in all honesty everyone, I need your help.
Even clicking onto read this helps, because it means someone saw it.

This photo was taken by Diana’s mother
I’ve been given the privilege to meet a lovely girl in the photo named Diana.
Every person has one thing about them that keeps them awake at night, the thing that resides in the back of their mind.
That becomes a part of their story.
3 years ago Diana was given the opportunity to go to Australia with her family and take what she had thought at the time, was a normal cruise. She’d met someone on her cruise that she’d spent a multitude of weeks with. During that time, she was dating a psychotic boyfriend.
Think the movie “Fear (1996)” with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Walhberg but less drastic.
Regardless, Diana stayed faithful and kept him as a friend. Despite the feeling that happened instantly between them.
Hoping to keep in touch she added him on Facebook, psycho boyfriend ended up deleting all proof that the boy she met even existed, on her hard-drive and on all social media sights. Fortunately psycho boyfriend has been voted off the island, and Diana rebooted her hard-drive and got her memories back.
3 years later, Australian boy understood the situation and they’ve since been re-connecting hoping that they could one day meet with one another again.
The next Nicholas Sparks novel right?
Sadly there’s a roadblock.
Diana’s mom (like all kind/caring mothers) isn’t sure whether or not to send her to Australia to reconnect with this boy.
However, I’m a believer in fate. I’m a believer in the notion that “everything happens for a reason”
A few friends are planning a trip to Bali, 3 hours away from the boy’s hometown in Perth.
A lot can change about an individual in 3 years. Physically, emotionally, and mentally.
However, almost instantly they were able to get right back to where they left off.
I’m making this post, for Diana and her mother.
I don’t know Diana’s favourite colour but I know passion in someone’s eyes when they speak about something they care about.
So, quick Geography lesson. 
Australia is 15, 562 kilometres away.
9670 miles
21 hours and 10 minutes by Airplane.
If someone’s willing to sit on a flight for 21 hours to reunite with someone who left a mark on them 3 years ago, they should go.


Carpe Diem..right?
So, what can you do? (click this link)
If you have tumblr, like or reblog this post.
Even viewing this blog post helps, because it means someone cared enough to hear about this.
Like the link on Facebook If you have Instagram like this post and comment with #BaliAustralia2014
We want to show Diana’s mom that enough people believe she should take this chance, rather than having sit at the back of her mind wondering “what if”…why can’t we bring it to life?

Maybe you’re skeptical about this, and questioning whether it’s even worth it for her to go.
Is it safe? Yes, Perth is one of the safest areas in Australia. Most dangerous thing one could find is a Tarantula.
Parents vacate with their children in Florida….Google Florida’s News Headlines. 
However, we’re young.
We live for the thrill of excitement, and our eyes are filled with hope.
We’ve got one more year of being a teenager left.
Like I said, I’m a believer in fate.
Something that wasn’t meant to happen at a certain time, will eventually happen at another.
If not, it wasn’t meant to be.
Thank you for taking the time to read this!
Help if you can.

Daniella Beca


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