I’m ready to talk about the Demi Lovato concert now.

I find myself stuck in waves of nostalgia, are we going to act like it wasn’t 3 weeks ago that I was sobbing in front of the Queen herself?
I’d known for quite sometime that Ms.Lovato was going on tour, but was having issues getting decent tickets.
As a struggling University student who spends all her money on oversized t-shirts and espresso, I was running out of options.
Thankfully, one of my budding-writers from St. Joes (S/O to Chloe Woods) saved my rear, and we exchanged tickets for money and baked goods.
I’d been given the pleasure of seeing Demi already once. The Summer of 2012, when she did her Unbroken tour. However, Unbroken being her first album out of rehab wasn’t one that I connected with like the others. Other than “Give Your Heart A Break” which still is the most played song on my iTunes playlist (320 times)
and My Love Is Like A Star, it just wasn’t what I had expected. However, it was the first album she had put out there in awhile, and I was happy to at least have something.
Also, it was the 3rd time I witnessed one of my favourite songs live.

Never thought that the second time, would be the one i’d remember the most.
We get to the ACC (We as in my Facebook Wife of 2 years, Patricia) payed for an 8$ container of five fries, and took our seats. We couldn’t even speak after we realized how close we were to the stage. I might have been experiencing the Kristen Bell Sloth Meltdown.
Only kind of..

This was one of the first tours, in which I was actually amped for the Opening Acts.
1. Fifth Harmony. I watched the season in which they were formed into a girl group on X Factor (mainly only watched it because Demi + Spears were the judges, I mean come on..) As a 90’s child, I grew up on Girl Groups so I guess you could say there was major excitement that they were making a comeback. The thing about majority of Girl Groups is that 2/5 out of them have strong voices, or if this was the Pussycat Dolls 1/6 had the vocals. However, 5 girls all strived to be solo artists on a singing show, and damn..do they got pipes. A lot of people didn’t know the songs, however, there I was belting out everything off their EP. Without any shame to the game.

2. Cher Lloyd. I do often watch the UK X Factor. A lot of my most-played artists come from there, even if they didn’t make it to the top 4, Hannah Barret, Ella Henderson, James Arthur, Rebecca Ferguson etc. Cher Lloyd was the unexpected. Somehow she’d managed to form herself into a Rap/Pop Genre. Opening doors for other artists to do the same. A White, British Girl, performing Eminem’s “Mockingbird” mashed with “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word” how do you do that? She asked the audience to turn the flashlight button on their cellphones and point them in her direction. Everyone managed to light up the stadium, as she performed her new song Sirens and you could hear the sincerity in her voice when she thanked everyone. You usually don’t get that kind of reaction from the crowd especially being the opening act.

Now…the actual big deal.

Lights go out, and immediately we see incredible footage of [Demi] on the big screen. My favourite part of concerts, is seeing everyone join together within one vicinity, for one person. Everyone in that room is touched by that artist’s music, it’s a big deal. However, as soon as the band starts opening up the song, everyone instantly gets hyped. You’re waiting at that moment for her to slowly come up from the bottom of the stage, and for it all to begin.
[Demi] starts off the night with Heart Attack, you instantly hear the high-notes, witness the pink hair flips, and the leather-obsession. Nobody in the audience cares if they can hit that High Note in the chorus, everyone’s just belting it together.
Maybe it’s just me, but when she changes up the highnotes, I get excited because in that moment you sit there like “yes this shit is real”

After she welcomes the audience to the “Neon Lights Tour” she moves onto Remember December from the 2009 Album “Here We Go Again” You almost don’t recognize it, because it’s reborn. It’s the 2014 version. It sounds like it could have been a Lana Del Ray hit. You almost expect an intense movie scene to happen. Then bam, she starts moving her hips on stage. The song itself could pretty much be used to seduce almost any human being.

Firestarter erupts, and it’s 4 minutes of flipping your own hair and belting out the lyrics. Lights erupt from every corner and the background singers, actually become background dancers/front women with her. Rather than being behind a microphone stand, they’re standing but beside her. Also, these girls have got moves, all three of them could just recreate Destiny’s ChildBy this point I didn’t have a voice.

At this point I knew what was coming next. I had to mentally prepare myself. She was about to perform “The Middle” This was the song that edged me towards liking her in 2008. I didn’t expect a song like this to come out of a Disney star what-so-ever. She starts it off with a drum solo, a bad-ass drum solo. The best part of this song, was looking around to girls 5-7 years younger than I am who knew the lyrics to this song. They did their research. Really Don’t Care is the song Cher Lloyd did a feature on, the entire performance felt like everyone in the audience was in their bedroom (their bedroom that could seat over 10,000 beings) and was belting out the lyrics. Cher and Demi were jumping on stage singing it to one another as if they were two broken hearted teenagers with mascara streaming down their face.

What I didn’t expect was the complete alteration of “Here We Go Again” She sits down, and does this acoustic rendition of it. Next was Made In The USA, (changed to Canada). You can tell as she performs, the excitement on her face. No matter how many times she’s done this, she gets the same feeling everytime as she watches everyone sing along and perform with her.

WARNING: Extreme feels are about to arrive
She delivered a speech before Nightingale, another one of my favourites. Usually I belt along to every song, but for this one, I paid extremely close attention and just watched the entire event. I noticed at that moment that not a lot of other people were. Pretty much everyone was hidden behind their cellphones. Had they been like that the entire time?
Two Pieces followed, and not enough headbanging could describe how powerful that song was.
A lot of you have heard my story, a lot of you are probably sick of my story, but I have this theory that everytime I tell my story, it affects someone that hasn’t heard it before.”
You know you’re at a really great concert when the artist starts ranting in between songs. This rant was pretty important considering, the last time she had performed in this venue, she was in the midst of a battle that consumed her as a whole to the point where she needed to take a break from it all. A few years later and she was in a better place, it was a whole different Lovato, performing in this venue.
After she finished up with Warrior
Ironically she moved into Let It Go (I still have not watched Frozen)
One of her signature songs Don’t Forget is the one that always changes per year, but somewhat stays consistent.
Got Dynamite followed and as always performed in a sultry manner.
Unbroken and Neon Lights ended the show and as much as I’m not a fan of techno/electronic music, somehow I let myself make an exception for Demi. Also, by this point I didn’t have a voice so it was just mouthing along and flailing arms in the air.
Now wait…we’re missing two songs. She saved the best for the Encore.
People were starting to leave, they actually thought the show was over.
Skyscraper started playing after a montage of Demi’s career and struggle appeared on the giant screen beside her.
Give Your Heart A Break, every breathing person that knows me, knows that this song…is the song. It’s my song. Although I did not write it, or take part in writing it. I felt as if I did, or someone did for me. The first time I heard this song, I immediately connected with it. The first time I saw it live, I started freaking out because in that moment I was ecstatic, I wasn’t watching several live versions on Youtube, I was watching this up close and personal. The second time, was better than the first. Because the song had a different meaning for me. Also it seemed to have a different meaning for her.

Even if you aren’t a Demi Lovato fan, I hope you appreciated this post.
Appreciated the music at least.
Or appreciated my appreciation for it.

– Daniella Beca



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