“I dreamed a dream of 4 months with no responsibilities” – Les FirstYearables

I’ve done it, it’s over. First year is over. 
I must admit, I did get a tad teary-eyed when I handed my exam today, but it was tears of joy. 
I will no longer stay up late forcing myself to finish up last minute assignments and readings
I will no longer have to wake up at 6 for 8am classes
I will no longer have to willingly put on pants some days
However, it will be missed. Not to the point of separation anxiety, but I will get a tad nostalgic when I wake up some mornings without a Nutella Latte made at the Silver Snail. 

So what now?
(only Gif that felt right for this moment)

I have such a clean slate, cleaner than a Portuguese woman’s garden. 
There’s so many things I get to do now. 
So, let’s figure it out together…in a blog post. 

We’ve hit a 1000 views on the blog, thank you to everyone who reads it, who put up with my awkwardness, and even shared it amongst their friends. Can’t wait to get a domain for my blog and make it my own. Also, I’ve kept up with writing this blog and as a woman with commitment issues, that’s a pretty big deal. Finally I get to be more committed to it, and write for fun as much as I want too. In the words of Philosopher Hilary Duff  “This is what dreams are made of.”

The Beca Family adopted a Snoop Dogg
One of the beings that’ll be keeping me most busy this summer will be my 3 month old Jack Russell Terrier/Terror. We adopted Pebbles from the Humane Society and let me tell you, she’s quite the handful. However, she has her cute moments, you know, when she’s not gnawing at my fingertips. If she’s not peeing on my sweater out of excitement to see me, she’s eating everything she finds on the floor. Reminds me of an old boyfriend. (Completely kidding) (He loved my humour by the way)

Reading for fun again
So long Shakespeare, and books about Spanish Explorer’s with bad grammar. Hello Stephen King and Mitch Albom. My goal is to read about 30 books by the end of the summer. So far, I’m working on “Girl Interrupted” I’m a sucker for books that have been turned into films. You get more of a story behind it, and with most of these books you get to read what’s on the character’s mind and what they’re thinking. You don’t get that in films.

Spooning with my Novel
Another goal I’ve set for myself is finishing my novel by the beginning of September. I’ve been writing this spectacle since 2011 and it feels rewarding to be finishing up the Good Copy this year. I don’t expect it to sit on my computer until it’s ready. I plan on printing it out myself and finding some way to publish it. Hard-Copy, with some witty cover. 
Becoming a New York Times Best-Selling Author before my 21st Birthday isn’t too ambiguous right?

Seeing friends I’ve neglected due to constant essay-writing
I owe my friends my famous pancakes and poetry for being patient with me as I finished up this semester. It’s hard to juggle everything, but I have four months to make it up to them. With record-listening, sushi eating, coffee getting, beer drinking, dog dates, and more. 

Listening to awesome playlists, whilst dancing in my underwear
Oh right! New music for you guys
1. Geronimo – Sheppard
2. High – Peking Duk
3. Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl – W.E.T.
4. Come With Me Now – Kongos
5. Latch (Acoustic) – Sam Smith

Movie Marathon’s without feeling guilty
Daniella wakes up at 11am on a Wednesday morning. “What am I going to do today?” Daniella opens Netflix and starts watching “Pulp Fiction” whilst sipping an Iced Coffee out of her Mason jar. 

Other exciting things
“Turning 19” – I will appreciate giftcards so I can drink champagne everyday like all the rappers do. 
“The Fault In Our Stars Premiere” – I don’t always have emotions, but I do with John Green novels
“Orange Is The New Black Season 2” – Might even miss my own Birthday party just to binge on episodes
“Getting my License” – Rene if you’re reading this we need to get our license. 
“Heading back to Portugal in July” – self-explanatory, grandma’s cooking and beautiful weather. 
“Purchasing my first Typewriter” – Every great writer has a typewriter. I would like to be great one day. 
“The return of my Aunt and Cousin to Canada” – No one parties like the Silva side of the family

So buckle up readers, 
It’s about to become a great four months. 
Daniella Beca


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