Imagine having your own Soundtrack?

I’m constantly plugged in to my iPhone, especially when I’m heading somewhere.
It feels like you’re in your own movie. Don’t you always wonder what your soundtrack would be?
What would play when you’re brushing your teeth in the morning?
How much Beyonce is too much Beyonce?
So, I decided to take a day out of my life and use a Soundtrack for it.
As a music-lover, this was pretty fun for me.

1. First glimpse at a new day: It’s 9am, which when you’re on Holidays feels like 6am and you’re trying not to stare at all the clothing on the floor. However, there’s sun peeping in through the little gap left between the shutters. It’s a new day.
Geronimo – Sheppard

Good Life – Kanye West Feat. T-Pain

2. Breakfast for One: Espresso and a stack of pancakes drenched in Maple Syrup, don’t forget the dancing around the kitchen in your underwear. No rush of getting ready for school, or making sure you’re not caught wearing the same socks. Yes, the same socks. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s maybelline.
We Built This City – Starship

Orange Soda – Vic Mensa

3. Shower Tunes: the gif is self explanatory
I Believe In A Thing Called Love – The Darkness

The Middle – Jimmy Eat World

4. Galavanting downtown: You’ve finally left your cave and have decided to embark on some-sort of journey today. Whether it’s shopping for t-shirts at Black Market, or binging on Sushi. Or both at the same time. Don’t forget those chuck taylor’s and aviators.
Young Folks – Peter Bjorn and John

Get Me Golden – GrillMarketing

5. Walking music: The pain of low-ankle socks and converse, Iced Coffee in hand, but wait…an intense Guitar Solo comes on? Must…resist….temptation…
Little Games – The Colourist

Home – The Magnetic Zeroes

6. Daydreaming: Whether it’s in line at Shoppers Drug Mart, or even when you’re waiting for the light to turn green. It happens to the best of us. However, the right kind of music makes it that much better.
Is This Love – James Arthur

You Make My Dreams – Hall and Oates

7. Writing or Reading: You’re back at your sanctuary, and have a little time left before your nightly activities…either you pull out the blog or you open up Buzzfeed. Either way, it’s time to reflect and make an art out of it.
High and Dry – Radiohead

Latch (Acoustic) – Sam Smith

8. “I have to leave my house again?!” Sadly yes, however a kick-ass playlist will help you look even more kick-ass for the night’s festivities. And yes, bring the leather jacket.
Jazz (We’ve Got) – A Tribe Called Quest

Harlem – New Politics

9. Quick! Bring out the Flirting Tactics: Corduroy pants, maroon dress shirt, and quoting Blink 182 lyrics whilst participating in conversation with another being. Wait…did he just make a Pulp Fiction reference?!
R U Mine? – Arctic Monkeys

Hypnotize – Biggie Smalls

10. Heading home: Whilst reflecting on your day, you’re “attempting” to walk to the car door. As a chorus of “what a night” erupts from your intoxicated peers. Something definitely smells like airplane food..
Closing Time – SemiSonic

A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay

11. Before the closing credits: Finally you’re back to where you started, as you wipe off the racoon eyes and look for your flannel pyjamas, you then realize this may all happen again tomorrow, and there’s always another soundtrack to follow.
All Those Pretty Lights – Andrew Belle

Miss Atomic Bomb – The Killers


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