Throwback Saturday: My “emotional” old pieces of Writing

warning: I was a very emotional child, song-writing was my only output. I wasn’t cool enough then to have a blog.
I may have looked normal at recess with my little notepad and coloured turtlenecks, but in reality
I was an old soul expressing my feelings through poetry and songs
Prepare yourselves, it’s about to get quite deep up in here.

Breaking Down – by Grade 7 Daniella

I’m sorry I cried in front of you, and I’m sorry I die when you’re not with me,
and I can’t live, breathe, without you buy my side.
I can’t keep falling apart when I see you around, I can’t stop myself from breaking down. 

(Verse 2)
The bottomless pit of my heart is ripped apart from what you said to me, please don’t leave
me alone when you run to her now my heart stopped bleeding cause you dried your tears
with my hand cause you’ll know I understand

– This was probably these most melodramatic song any 12 year old could have written.
I was two seconds away from songwriting for Evanescence, and surrounding my eyelids with black eye-liner.
Also, verse 2 was written completely sober, and yet it still sounds like a voicemail left by a drunk Taylor Swift.

Shame – By Grade 6 Daniella

Do you wanna lie, do you wanna look inside me and see how much
the truth hurts but I see through your desperate lies, and I despise you
yeahhh (filled with attitude)
but i’ll still gonna want you cause I know that you love me but it’s a shame
la la la la la

(Verse 2)
So is she an ex you un(ex)pected is her last name Howard, you’re a coward you know you just
lost me. I’m the best you’ll ever get (don’t you regret) having me lost well boss
you’re hurt so I really don’t care or really know you should hold me tight

– I was experiencing my first ever heartbreak during this faze, and I never knew that a girl
with over 12 turtlenecks could have so much sass. Also, I believe I’m a tad confused on that last verse
I’m all “I don’t care about you, but hold me” get it together 11 year old Daniella

Grade 9 Daniella – Barbie Doll
So who cares if I’m not a model or your little barbie doll

that you go to when your bored at times i’m just as special 
cause someone’s gonna put you in your place when you’re 
out of line but it happens all the time why should I take it 
anymore i’m a girl where two chances were given to you
but you lost it including me
sorry boo strike 2

– the handwriting is barely legible considering I wrote this on a bus, however
I pictured many electric guitars and avril lavigne dancing in the background
singing this with me, and the embarassment just keeps on coming

The Last Song – Grade 4 Daniella

Let the rain wipe through the desert so it can survive
Let my heart stitch up together
and you know why I wanna hear the last song I used to scream
Cus’ your wrong cus I can’t believe in you

– This is what I’d usually do at recess back then, sit and write about the boys
whom i’d date from a far.

As If It Happened: Grade 4 Daniella
The sky is falling but it’s not going to change a thing
as long as you are holding me in your arms it takes the
pain away but you keep my heart safe as i secure on to you
cus I wonder what happened 2 us

– I don’t even know why or who I wrote this about.
I only started crushing when I was able to even speak to the male race
Let alone “secure onto them” or let them “hold me in their arms”

Last one, still embarassed

Journal Entry – Grade 9 Daniella
I woke up this morning and I couldn’t smile, picked up my telephone
and read ur messages, you said I’ll never be alone, then why is this the end?

You told me that you loved me and you don’t spit that word out
but I had to say it cause it was my only way out
see this picture of us holding our hands were slumped on your couch
the light are out 
I feel some breath on neck
then I woke up

– Okay Daniella if you feel “breath on your neck” while sleeping I suggest you wake up and yell mom.
This was a really tough break up, as you can see I’m just torn.
Gosh darn it that “breath on the neck”

Well I hope you felt embarassment with me,
You’re human if you can poke fun at yourself.

Until next week,
Daniella “Songwriter” Beca


ps: breath


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