Guess who’s back…back again

Apologize by One Republic plays in the distance.
I know i’ve been gone for awhile…I can explain.
The hiatus was necessary.

I wanted to take a break and focus on the novel for a bit (which is going extremely well) considering that I gave myself a deadline.
As soon as September comes around, I won’t have as much time anymore.
But this post whale most dolphinately make up for the missed ones.

Before I start my post, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Pride Day! Love is such a beautiful thing, that shouldn’t ever go to waste. It should be cherished, accepted, and free from any and all types of ignorance.
Demi Lovato just made a terrific music video just in time for World Pride.
Also, the Wilmer Cameo is exactly what I’ve been waiting for…

“I’m a Grown Woman? Beyonce is that true? Tell me dammit”
19 is such a great age, not only are you given quite the number of responsibilities but you’re also a free woman/man.
I think I only realized how fast time really has flown by when I had a moment of nostalgia at my uncles restaurant.
My cousin Antonio who is turning 7 soon was at the table playing with his mother’s cellphone.
He also plays piano, and recently nailed his Spring into Summer recital
One of the waiters came up to me in disbelief that I was 19 because to him it felt like almost yesterday that i was sitting at the table (pre-braces) with my Nintendo-Ds playing Brain Age. That’s when I felt it.
Instead of a Game Console in front of me, I had a glass of Wine.
(okay I also have Candy Crush on my phone but I didn’t have any lives left)
A stuffed animal or barbie didn’t accompany me at dinner, I also have two eyebrows rather than one.

While everyone else was carrying on their conversations, I realized that High School was over.
Second year of University is fast approaching.
I can legally use eHarmony and Christian Mingle…not that I would but it’s nice to know I have options.
Another year down, but one more teenaged year left.
(90’s party celebrating the big 1-9)
Therefore I plan to do as many teenaged things possible in one year.
Starting with……

My First Tattoo
I still can’t believe I went and did this. My Aunt and Cousin from England came to visit and one of the things they wanted to do here was get a tattoo. In that moment, I joined in. We discussed fonts, and I immediately knew what I wanted to get. What I had been set on for a while. The night before I did it, my mom and I were watching “Beyond Scared Straight” and this man was covered in facial tattoos. She turned to me and asked if I wanted to look like that.
(this is what I now look like in my mother’s eyes)
That’s when I had to remind her that it was only 3 words, in fine cursive.
I went first.
As soon as the artist turned on the machine, I almost backed out.
(that darn letter “g” hurt the most)
Then I realized that I’ve gone through the pain of headgear, waxing, braces, threading, multiple curling iron burns, and heartbreak.
So I sucked it up and let her permanently write on my skin.

So it goes:
In Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five, or The Children’s Crusade: A Duty-Dance with Death he says “So It Goes” and with three words there’s so much emotion. I started reading and writing at a young age, and I stumbled upon this book at the public library and started reading it. I had so many fines on my card that I’d literally only read it there. Those words pretty much grew with me. As you’ve seen in my last post I’m a paranoid and anxious being who’s learning that I can’t control what life gives me, only how I choose to deal with it. Whatever will be, will be. At the end of the day we have to accept and deal with it all because we have to, so it goes.
(how to stop a tattoo from itching/burning)

Pebbles the Puppy makes me Practice Patience
After years of begging and countless powerpoint presentations made by yours truly…we’ve finally adopted a puppy.
My sister and I were originally keeping an eye on another dog, but that dog was adopted 5 minutes before we ran there.
Our main goal was to at least give a dog a home, she (Claudia/Sister) immediately connected with Pebbles and wanted to meet her.
Pebbles looked innocent and was so little. “Aren’t Jack Russel’s incredibly energetic though?”
The first meet and great was normal, the dog of course was just trying to get to know us.
The second meet and great was …. well she peed everywhere and jumped more than Kris Kross.
Since I was done First Year and was always home, I became her “person”
I started training her, and had to deal with enough puppy tantrums to last me a lifetime.
There was no more sleeping in, I can’t leave the house without making sure that I walked/fed/loved her.
Even then, I still worry when I’m gone.
I started questioning what I got myself into, until the 4th week.
After we walked to and from High Park, we got home and she immediately fell asleep on top of me.
According to “Dogs Weekly” that means that she started to trust me, and she felt comfortable.
In an instant, I became attached.
I still have my fluffy feline Lola, whom isn’t a big fan of the dog but is a big fan of her new privileges.
(Actual photo of dog)
(show me your grills)

The Fault In Our Sobs
I religiously read the John Green novel “The Fault In Our Stars” multiple times, in preparation for this film.
Not only was the soundtrack incredible, but it is so rare to have a movie adaption of a book…and actually enjoy it.
I thought maybe I wouldn’t hysterically sob in public because I knew the upcoming plot twist was..well…upcoming
But, well..
There were sobs, much sob, very salty

NOT OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arctic Monkeys and 10$ Beer
All thanks to the bond of a human being with blonde hair, leather, and a guilty conscience when reading majority of my blog posts.
I became more appreciative of the Arctic Monkeys. I had been a fan before, but once you dig deeper into the music, there really is no going back.
Wait until you see them live…
After my 2 gal pals and I purchased our overpriced beers we situated ourselves in our seats and yelled profane things at the stage.
Once you see Turner’s face on the big screen as you hear him belt out 505, you’re once again in concert wanderlust.
Concert wanderlust: when you’re in awe of how emotional the artist gets during their performance. 
You can’t just headbob to an Arctic Monkeys song, you have to sway and shake with every song.

More Updates!
I’m officially the proud owner of this typewriter and her beige twin brother (one for Portugal)
It’s quite difficult to find its particular ink ribbon, but i’m so excited to start typing away.
My first order of business with it is to type out all of my poetry and put into into a book with some sort of clever title.
Lang Leav would be so proud.
(check out Lang Leav’s poetry)

Snakes and Latte’s
So I’ve been dying to try out Snakes and Latte’s on Bloor and Euclid, and I was so overwhelmed by the amount of childhood memories laying on these shelves. They even had Mall Madness.
Of course I got my ass-whopped in 9/10 games by my worthy opponent but I won Family Guy trivia.
Which I did not know existed, but I still kicked ass in.
So thankful for my childhood of sneaking around my parents and having my neighbour burn the seasons of Family Guy and label all the cd’s “Arthur”

I knew it would come in handy.

Until next week….I promise
Daniella Beca




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