Snap back to reality

I had previously written a Portugal vacation post and had it ready to upload for today, however something much more important came up. Rather then me explaining to you how I will never be a famous surfboart-er, and how I will never club again. I will tell you all about that next week. 

Right now, there’s something much more important that’s been going on lately, quite frankly for a while now and I’ve been completely neglecting the news for the past month, due to the lack of a television in Portugal and simply by choice. 

Is that selfish of me? Or was it because I had finally cleared my mind of everything that was troubling me, that it felt freeing to finally escape all that was happening. To escape reality. 

Today, I was reminded yet again that my troubles are nothing compared to everything going on in this world right now. 

There are things happening, that people simply can’t even remember anymore, or know nothing about because it’s not a hashtag, nor a trending topic?

Have the Nigerian girls been brought back?
Ukraine/Russia’s war brought Malaysian Airlines back into the headlines, reminding people “Wait…did they ever find that plane?”

Those were my own thoughts. I had been completely unaware of everything. Therefore I sat in front of the television for an hour and watched the news. Rather than letting Jet Lag consume my body and take over for the night I watched them repeat the same stories. Except, there were barely any repeats, because there was so much going on. 

You hear people joking around about it, when they use the phrase 
“What is happening to the world” 
But, have you really asked yourself what this planet has come to?

Whether you’re religious, or you believe in science, or you don’t know what to believe in..once upon a time this planet was dust. 

I remember sitting in History class in Grade 10, learning about the War and thinking 
“Imagine if something like this happened again?”

Of course, my ignorant self at the time was more involved with Justin Bieber’s new haircut, rather than current some parts of the is happening, everyday. In fact, it has never ended. 

We cry, and we awe at military surprise videos but don’t actually realize that under all the romance, the reunions, these men have been fighting for their countries, over a war…over many wars. 

Robin Williams lost his life last night because there was a war happening in his mind. Now you can say “oh he had everything, money, fame, he was loved by so many” but at the end of the day we knew him through a television screen. We weren’t fortunate enough to meet his brilliant and beautiful soul in person.

I remember the day my mom told me how hard it was for her to find out Elvis had died. I was about 6 or 7, and I didn’t understand at the time why she was so affected because, she didn’t know Elvis. 

I didn’t have to know Amy Winehouse to know that her music and her voice was something that healed any soul. 
I didn’t have to know Robin Williams to know that I sobbed hysterically over his words in Dead Poets Society, and for writers that movie is like The Notebook for Single Girls on Valentines Day.

A friend of mine texted me after watching the DPS twice today, and said 

“That movie is arguably the number one instiller of self confidence in my own ability, the scene walking around outside when everyone starts clapping and Hansen says “exercising my right to not walk” is the foundation behind my entire life”

Depression is almost like a strong current pulling you into the ocean, and some individuals can’t fight the current anymore. To point where they just let it take over, and take them away. Celebrities are just like us, and just like us they deal with real problems, that their account balances may not fix. 

What does money matter if you’re not truly content with yourself at the end of the day?
Money won’t make you love yourself. 

Christy Mack’s past love has left her in a horrifying state, also bringing up the topic of Domestic Abuse on social media networks. My thoughts are with her and her family. 

Torontonians last Summer were shocked by Police Brutality in its city, when Sammy Yatim was gunned down by a Police Officer. 

Right now, there are a handful of mother’s who spent years raising their sons and daughters, who have put themselves last, and have made sure that their one priority and their sole mission in life was to make sure that their children’s basic necessities were met, and most importantly that their children were safe. 

To Serve and Protect?

But, yet those who are serving us are the ones whom we need protection from? 

It’s 2014 and Racism is still an issue? 

This may contradict my last statement in a way, but a white man walked into an elementary school last year and changed the lives of many in just one day. 
There are many more instances that I don’t wish to dwell upon. 

You get it. 

Now many mothers are lying awake at night, over the thought their children walking out their front steps, or walking down the street and not coming home. Nobody should have to live in fear because they’re afraid that their race or gender defines them. 

Mid-way through the news I got caught up with the war in Gaza, and watched footage of the Refugees in a helicopter, I saw photos which have permanently imbedded themselves into my mind, and footage that reminded me, and should remind so many, that we have it so good. 

I myself tend to forget that when I lose my patience over the simplest thing. 
If Mondays are your biggest concern, then you’ve got it good. 
Some people watch don’t watch the news because it’s “too depressing” 
But sadly, that’s the reality of it. 
It’s a depressing world we live in. 

Justin Bieber’s latest love interest gets more news coverage than a missing girl. 

A lot of people on Twitter have comments whenever something major happens, and that’s all they see on their timeline and it becomes a main topic of discussion. That’s Twitter for you I guess. It’s where we connect with one another through a hashtag, and voice our opinions. 

That’s where our voice matters the most. 

An individual doesn’t know how powerful its voice is until they put it to use.

If you don’t want to use that voice, to give your opinion then use that voice to tell everyone around you that you love them, and appreciate the fact that you wake up every morning with a clean slate and 24 hours (more or less depending on your sleeping patterns) and you get to choose what to do with it. 

If you’ve made it to the end of this post, thank you. 
I may not be able to stop wars, or stop the world, but I use my words to speak up about it as best as I can. 

As Robin Williams said in Dead Poets Society

You are here; that life exists, and identity; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?

This is my verse. 

Until next week, when I get awkward again. 

Daniella Beca


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