Are you there 13-year old me? It’s me, 19-year old you.

Happy Sunday everyone!


Today’s a day of laziness, Sex & The City Marathons, and as many latte’s as one’s heart’s desires. (Big Grammar F-up there), in order to make sure that my Sunday is spent doing absolutely nothing, I spent majority of today getting stuff done.

One of my biggest projects since being back from the motherland, was to clean out all the clutter I was hiding in my room. It was like an episode of Hoarders, except they wouldn’t accept my application because it wasn’t “serious” enough.


I found things I had lost, and things I’d lost on purpose. The best part about cleaning out your room is finding things you forgot you even had, and then sitting there for an hour surrounded by nostalgia. One of my favourite things about cleaning up my room, is stumbling upon my old diaries. It’s like re-reading your favourite book and stumbling upon parts of the book you missed.


My 13 year old self was quite troubled at the time, I wanted to warn her of upcoming things as I was re-reading my journal. But, would she be who she is if that were possible?


It inspired me towards writing today’s blog post. If you could go back in time, and give advice to your 13 year old self, what would you say?



  1. Shopping at Hollister shouldn’t depict whether you have friends or not: I know the 70$ pair of jeans may seem like a great idea at the time, and may get you a few compliments from the girls who skipped puberty, but they’re a waste of money. Trust me, you start buying 10$ jeans from Black Market at 17. Save your mom some money, and buy yourself a pair of mom jeans!


  1. Ease up on the Ai-yai-eye-liner: Ah 13, the years of pimples and pimples. Look, we can’t control acne, but we can control how we deal with it. Applying drug store foundation on it everyday isn’t the best remedy. Think of it as someone putting a pillow over your face and suffocating you, that’s kind of what you’re doing to your skin. Also, put down the eyeliner, because boys will start nick-naming you “Racoon Beca” when you’re 14. At 19, you don’t even own a bottle of foundation, but you spend a hefty amount of cash on Lip-Liners. (This is what you currently look like)


  1. You probably won’t marry the guy with the fake chain (by probably I mean, you won’t): I know right now he seems to be the love of your life and you think you can’t live without him, but give it a few months and you seem to manage just fine. You’re going to stumble upon many many heartbreaks, and you’re going to do a lot of the heartbreaking/friendzoning. At 13 I didn’t know how to deal with my feelings properly, and you know what at 19 I still have that problem, you just gotta grab them by the face and kiss them when words fail. It’s going to suck these next couple of years, and you will have happy moments I promise, but don’t settle for something because you think it’s what’s going to make you happy. Take that year by yourself at 18 and put it to use! Trust me 13-year old me (me x2), you’d be in complete shock if you knew who was kissing you goodnight at 19.


  1. Pick the microphone back up: About now you’ve decided to give up on singing, but I’d like you to um.. not and make sure that you continue. Even in high school, don’t wait t’ill the end of Grade 10 to start singing in public again. Say yes, and sign up for that Mall gig coming up before your 14th birthday. There’s a really great Demi Lovato song waiting to be sung by you, and an even better one waiting for you when you’re 17. Oh my goodness you haven’t even heard “Give Your Heart A Break” yet by Demi. You don–Ok, i’ll stop now. Because at 19, you’re sitting in front of a computer, writing your blog, and singing to yourself.


  1. It’s just hair! I know you recently cut off all of your hair and you hate yourself for it because nobody in Grade 8 has a bob, but trust me you end up cutting off 13 inches at 18, and 3 more inches off 3 months after that. Work that Rihanna bob of ’08! Also stop trying to convince your 14 year old self that Red hair is a good idea, because it’s not.


  1. Yes, you can write: I know right now you’re writing songs, instead of paying attention in your 8th grade math class, but I want you to keep doing so. You’re never going to get better at math, EVER EVER EVER but you’re going to be an even better writer. You also might intern for MTV Fora at 19 if you keep doing so, and write a play, and a novel. Oh and a blog. Nbd.


  1. B.F.F.N (Best Friends For Now): You’ve always had trouble finding your friend group, and that’s because you’re a very different kind of person. You’re an extrovert that likes to be an introvert. Don’t try to please all these girls because you think they’re your friends, and that they care because in reality you’re their Jenny Humphrey, and to them you sit on the bottom steps of the M.E.T. F- that. Mid-way through high school you meet two very important girls who at 19 you’re obnoxiously laughing with in the middle of a Frozen Yogurt restaurant. They’ll teach you things about life, and share their wisdom with you, without putting you down or making you feel bad about yourself. That girl who always waves to you in the hallways during your first month of Grade 9, ends up becoming the Shania to your Twain. 5 years later and you’re still eating Spaghetti in her kitchen. Not to mention, the people you meet in University. (Where ma Felis, Bey, and Tyra at!”) (Novel joke) (It’s coming out soon I promise)


  1. Yes, you’re being a brat: I know this stage is your “Idk how I’m supposed to act” stage, because well you’ve never really dealt with being a teenager before, but don’t use it as an excuse to act like a rich kid from My Super Sweet 16. Even at 19 you still depend on them, and spend Sunday brunches with them laughing almost every week. They’re really cool people, they also read this blog so I have to say that.


  1. You should probably wear your glasses, and watch out for that pole: Okay, at the age of 7 we had to start wearing glasses, and immediately we knew we were doomed. However, glasses become “stylish” around 2010 and people end up buying pairs of them at Ardene or Claires. You’re a leader, you started this trend. Just kidding, you’re blind. However, keep them on, for pictures, dates, etc. Please stop hiding them in your bag because you don’t think you’re attractive with them on, because right now I take my glasses off in front of people and look away because without my glasses…I am nothing. NOTHING.
    giphy (1)


10. Enjoy every moment of your youth. I can’t stress this enough. I miss elementary school, and High School so much sometimes, and it may seem like it’s getting harder but trust me, you’re at the easiest part of life. Your main concern right now is skincare, whether or not you should write that boy a poem about his Abercrombie shirt, and if Nick Jonas is single. At 19, there’s a lot more things to stress about, I don’t even have my licence yet! In about 20 years I have to have a child. (Kidding, like 10), and I also still think my body looks so awkward sometimes, but that’s what makes life so interesting. We need these moments.  Take advantage of every moment. All the moments! It’s a lot to take in, but I’d give anything to relive many of them.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s post and potentially made a list of your own.

Until next week,

Your friendly neighbourhood awkward girl,
Daniella Beca.



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