Happy Blog-Birthday!

Whoa! Guys, it’s been one year. ONE YEAR with 5000 people coming to chill and read, and maybe relate…conversate…appreciate…someone stop me from rhyming before it’s too late.

CAN WE DISCUSS HOW AWESOME THIS IS? This blog is my longest relationship yet, I can’t use the commitment issues line anymore. This blog also made me feel like my writing had purpose, and the fact that people have been reading it is the most important thing yet. I have an audience!

Sidebar: I’m writing this in a Journalism lounge, which I do not belong in, and shouldn’t be in. So, I’m waiting for a friend of mine and I thought, what would a “Journalism” student do? Write her wordpress blog and avoid making direct eye contact.

How did we do this? How did we talk about man-boys, Demi Lovato, World Issues, being Hopeful? Look how much we’ve grown! You all just witnessed a years worth of growth. Sometimes I go back and read, just to get a refresher of where I was in that moment. *puts on Shania Twain voice* “Man, I feel like a writer.”

So what’s next? How are we going to set ourselves apart from the rest in 2015? How are we going to make this our year?

Well, I’ll tell you.

Last year, as we’ve discussed before, was a little rough. I was sent out into the real world, and was faced with the question everyone comes across at least once or twice in their lives. “What am I supposed to do with my life?”

I’ve seen friends scared to tell their parents that they’re in the wrong major. I’ve seen friends drop out after one month because the stress was consuming them mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Sometimes I even question if I’m in the right Major, and to be honest…I’m a mix of both. I technically could get a double-degree and just be a hybrid of an English major and a Journalism student, but as of right now…I’m essay writing, and reading 14 books, and that’s okay.

Because of everything going on outside of my Universities’ halls.

Now we’re getting into the interesting stuff. *Cue the Intro to Crazy In Love, as Daniella struts down a runway and into the seat of her desk.

It’s only February, and I’ve started editing the rough draft for my collection of Short Stories that hopefully I can release, but it’s a project I’ve finished without procrastinating so that’s a start.

My Novela
– It’s still a work in progress, but last year around this time I had 5 pages and today I’ve got 130. I do have plans to send it to publishing houses, maybe even make a trip to New York (concrete jungle where dreams are made of). If they don’t like it, and if nobody, AND I MEAN NOBODY DECIDES TO PUBLISH IT, I probably/definitely will. I’m almost 20 and I still don’t have my New York Times Best Selling Author title. Get it together Daniella.

Blogs On Blogs On Blogs
– I’m not cheating on this blog, I’m just making a squad of blogs that eventually will become a Destiny’s Child of blogs, and take over the blog industry. Bare with me.
Daisy Jar – Julia has kindly made me the co-editor of Daisy Jar in which will be up and running at the end of February. It’s a blog for girls supporting girls! Also, If you’re interested in writing for it, hit me with a DM, a MySpace, or even comment with your email below and send me some writing samples, and maybe even some man-boy or woman-girl poetry that you want me to read.

Fauxward – Alison Ryan and I have created a Toronto based blog that will showcase Toronto talent, food stuff (I’m professional I know), and more. It will also be beauty based considering Ali is incredibly educated with all the beauty industry has to offer. It drops at the end of February as well.

1glassaday – This blog is my dad’s way of saying, I’ll drink the wine and you write about it. This blog will be directed more towards an older audience, however I’ll be the head editor and feature wines, olive oils, restaurants. (Warning: There will be a minimal amount of sarcasm sadly)

Musical Retirement….
I did this when I was 13, I took a musical retirement and stopped singing/making music until I was 16. The last time I willingly got on a stage was at 17 and it was probably one of my best performances, but it’s also been my last. Since then I’ve made a copious amount of new friends and some of them have branded me as a “secret youtube singer” because I never brought it up when we went through the “getting to know each other phase”

However, this may be the year that I a) pick up a new microphone b) get back on the piano keys. I’ve got a few producer-friends that have been sending me tracks that they’ve “produced” in hopes that I can write something. At first I was hesitant because I tried to write and sing on one of the tracks and I didn’t feel the same. One of the reasons why I got into Instagram poetry was because I was envious of the fact that people can just write a song about what they’re feeling, and have everybody hear it on the radio. THAT’S ALL I WANT. So, I thought….Instagram poetry is the only way, the only output I have right now. Now, I have the opportunity to work at it and now put a melody to music. Also, I need to figure out if I can actually rap.
Who dat, who dat? D-b-i-z-z-l-e

For now, that’s in my plans and there’s more to add onto that list. I don’t want to procastinate anymore, and I want to make sure that this will be the year that I get shit done. I can’t sit at home wanting the NYTBSA title eating cheetohs and not writing my novel. So each and every week I will be keeping you posted on my projects, and slowly start releasing passages of the novel.

Once again, thank you for reading. I’m this giant mess of emotions, but it’s better to feel than to not feel anything at all. (I said this over Nutella lattes today) (Hi J-school girls)

Until next time,
Daniella Beca.
(By next time, I mean in two days…I’ve got a V-Day post coming up)



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