University: Someday we’ll get it right

One of my lovely readers, and a friend of mine came to me asking if I could incorporate a post about University life, and how to cope with it.
Truth is, I’m still coping. Some days I feel like I’m doing it right. I’ll walk through campus with my boot-heels and listen to Kanye, whilst walking to each of my lectures with my head held high.
Other days, my briefcase strap will break, in which I’ll have to replace it with a Steve Madden strap. (Insert Steve Madden scene from Wolf of Wall Street)


On these bad days I’ll spill coffee all over my turtleneck, and I’ll probably smush a banana on my assignment.
The thing about that we never know.
We never know what’s coming for us.

It’s the 2nd semester, of my 2nd year, and only now have I started to feel like I know what I’m doing.

First year, was kind of like wet socks.
You know you’re uncomfortable, but you have to deal with them until you’re able to get a new pair.

Second year, was the fresh pair.

Weird analogy, but honestly wet socks is exactly what first year felt like.

Last Thursday my professor was genuinely concerned as to what we were supposed to do with our English degrees.
I mean, I thought she knew. Isn’t she an English major?
Everyone mumbled around the classroom, Matteo chimed in with “loud noises” in hopes to add fule to the fire, but I looked over to Sydney and on our Ice Cream/Trix break (We’re adults) we then questioned…..”What was the last $14,000 for then?”

We bought the ticket when we accepted our Admission into University.
Is it ever going to get easier? Maybe.
Is there a way to cope with it? YES

So, Kadesha/@itskjames. I hope this post helps you, and anyone else out.

1)Your Grades do not define you, also what did you get on the last quiz?
My second week of University was an even bigger reality check, than if you were to put the Kardashian’s on a deserted Island…without a camera crew or the ability to contour.
I had pretty decent grades in high school, I thought I was the messiah of essay writing…I got a D on my first “practice” University essay and proceeded to run to the washroom to hyperventilate. It got worse from there, the classes got harder, overwhelming, and the washroom panic attacks became more and more frequent.
The Answer: If your professor has office hours, and you know there’s an essay coming up in 2 weeks, show up with an essay outline, questions, and a thesis. Not only will they remember you, and guide you in the right direction, but it guarantees a B. Which are CRUCIAL in University. Everytime I get a B, I buy myself Popeyes. Create study sheets, Q cards, and essay outlines for upcoming exams. For my Intro to Non Fiction Exam, I created an essay outline per possible essay question, I walked out of there with an A- exam, and winked at the professor out of confidence. But also because he drank Whiskey out of mason jars.

2) I get by with a little help from my English Major friends
I kid you not, I probably would have had a multitude of daily nervous breakdowns had it not been for the friends I made in my lectures. Not only are they so supportive, but they’re also in the same boat as you. I met Ali, the co-editor of Fauxward and my personal guru in our Philosophy of Human Nature lecture, and we had been set up like a Blind-Date. She got a text instructing her to save a seat for a short Portuguese girl with glasses, and incredibly long hair. I got a text to look for Ali. (No description, just Ali) but she did not need an introduction. Midway through the lecture she passed me a sheet with all her info, and I passed her a bag of Goldfish. Since then we’ve had majority of our lectures together, along with our own English Major Squad. It honestly feels like a sitcom, we need a show. Sarah and Sydney are the old married couple who fight, but also give me such wonderful relationship advice. Rachael has zero filter, but she also such a sweetheart. Nataley (fellow blogger!!!) was the first English major to reach out to me, and does not hesitate to call me papi. Matteo’s older than us, but he sings One Direction with me in his Lexus, and is the best person to go to Gracies with, only because drunk Matteo, is the best Matteo. Tino, Bea, Lisa, and Jessica (Nancy Drew) are also in my major and I can’t wait to graduate with them, if that sounds weird I apologize. But it’s going to be so cool to see how far we’ve come, all together.


3) Take. Care. Of. Yourself. Please.
Read that again, and keep re-reading it over and over. I know getting 8 hours of sleep seems a bit like overachieving, and you may not have time to eat or be eating too much, but I guarantee that your body will thank you, and you will have a better mindset once you start paying more attention to your own needs. In Grade 12, when things got overwhelming I started taking weekly bubble baths, and DIY Spas, not only did I see a difference in my skin, but I saw a difference in my mindset (and my parents hydro/water bill. I O U). Get as much sleep as you can, start a small workout routine, even if it consists of getting off a couple of extra stops ahead and walking the rest of the way to school. Make yourself motivational playlists (or use mine below!) and give yourself a set list of goals.

4)Make your Midterm Game so strong, that you won’t even have to worry about Exams. But also worry about exams regardless.
I dread Midterms and Exams solely because they’re the single most important tests/exams that determine majority of your mark for the semester. They also come with a lot of unwanted pimples, stress eating, and dark circles. But there’s a way around it.
1) Work with your friends, if you all develop thesis’ and outlines together, I assure you that you’ll all do a great job just based off of the support you give one another.
2) If you know there’s an essay on the final exam, make every possible essay outline you can think of, and pick 3 of your strongest ones. Chances are the topic will be one of your outlines, and you’ll already have a thesis down-packed.
3) Don’t cram outside of your lecture, nor show up early enough to watch people cram. The minute you surround yourself with individuals that are stressed and spewing out answers, the minute you’ll realize that they’re probably right, and your wrong. Which almost always is never the case.

Things To Remember
1) It’s okay if you didn’t do the readings, listen anyways and take down notes.
2) If you’re afraid of speaking up in class, send something to the online discussion board. Those participation marks can be a saviour when they want to be.
3) TA’s need to chill. I had a TA for my Non-Fiction lecture that would mark my work in the bitchiest manner, she would write “Vague” when I was getting so specific I even wrote down the author’s favourite type of pizza. The Professor ended up reviewing my essays, and marked my final exam, and I was supposed to be doing better than I thought. They take resting bitch face too literally.
4) If you’re battling mental health issues and still getting up and going to your lectures, I am incredibly proud of you, you are a superstar. Because I know how hard it is to focus in a lecture when there’s so much going on already.
5) If you’re 2 years, or 3 years in your major, it’s okay to want to switch out and do something else. Or even go somewhere else. It’s not a waste of money, it would be a waste of money if you were to do the full four years of something you’re not passionate about.
6) Don’t feel bad if you show up to school in sweatpants, and don’t feel bad if you show up to school with a full face of make-up and leather joggers. You should feel bad if you’re judging the individuals that are doing either of these.
7) Don’t forget to enjoy every minute of it. Go to Frat Partys, Pub nights, GRACIES (but take Matteo and Renee for the full experience) and INSTAGRAM IT ALL. Show your future spawn that although University was stressful, you still had a great time.

SO I hope this was helpful, comment below if you have any tips for anyone struggling.
Also listen to my studying playlist.
Or don’t.
But you probably should.

See you next week!
Daniella Beca

Studying Playlist


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