Featured Writer of The Week: Adriana Moraes

I wanted to start off by thanking everyone for their kind words last week. Last week’s post was petrifying but exhilarating all at once. Had I not posted it, a lot of you wouldn’t have reached out. But we’ll focus on that in 3 weeks. This week I’m handing it over to Adriana Moraes. 

I met Adriana at a Playwriting program in 2013, and almost instantly knew that there was an immense amount of talent coming from within her. Disclaimer: This is not a personal piece, just a well written artistic effort, and I’m incredibly proud of her for it. 

Ladies & Gentlemen, 

Organ Transplant


Onetime I let a boy inside my ribcage

I warned him upon entry that the path to the     space     between my lungs was a oneway ticket 

that I had never smoked a cigarette,
but the walls inside me were tar-filled

and sick

that sometimes my heart failed to beat with my brain and instead fell into
synchrony with the faucet

where I threw-up cherry red the other night.

Onetime I let a boy with a knife inside my ribcage

and I had seen the knife

and I didn’t care

he climbed inside me so gently
like he belonged there and was just taking his place

like a missing organ

he made me his home

reassembled my insides

vital pieces of me now resting on his body,
depending on his body

one hand on my heart

the other on my throat.

Onetime I let a boy with a knife and a bottle of bourbon live inside my ribcage

he cleaned the tar off the walls
but didn’t cure the sickness

I think he liked the smell of it.

One night he carved his name everywhere


and I pretended to sleep


he tried to claim me
he tried to clean me

but lost souls can’t be claimed
and I’ll never be clean enough.

My heart follows faucets
not boys

and that scared the boy

so one night he poured the bourbon down the throat he held

and I didn’t stop him

and I almost drowned

gulp, gulp, gulp
slash, slash, slash

cursive illegible sorry’s
over every spot he had once cut his name into

and he kissed the wounds
and I woke up heavy.

Organs are worthless without their host but

Onetime I watched a boy tear his way out of my ribcage.

Knife and empty bottle in his place,
nothing’s been working right in there since.

I haven’t let anyone in there since.


Follow Adriana on Twitter: @mendozadrianaa

If you would like to have your work featured on MyCompositionNotebook email me @daniellacdsb@gmail.com


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