The Rough Draft

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For awhile now, people have been well aware of the fact that I’m in the midst of writing my first novel. This novel, is about to be the 1st of a 4 part series. I started this book when I was 16, and thought to myself that it would be about the Challenges of Growing Up (that was the exact title) and I was convinced that I would be done within a year, and become a New York Times Best Selling Author before I turned 18. That wasn’t the case, solely because I couldn’t focus on the topic, I couldn’t give it my all, oh and I procrastinated.

2 years later, I became a bit more confident with my writing. People have become comfortable with my work, and I have such a wonderful group of readers (a.k.a. you guys!!!!) that keep me motivated on working on myself. If you don’t do your job, someone else out there is going to do it for you. You have to give everything you work on, 110%.

We’re all put on this planet to make an impact, to do something with our 24 hours, I cannot stress that enough.

When I was 16, the same year I started writing this novel, was the same year I sent out a demo. I sent 4 songs, and the man responded with “The journey is just as important as the destination” that was apart of my journey, to which got me to this pile of 200 pages in front of me. As much as I’m still in love with music, I’m more in love with the idea that my writing, and my work can help a person come to the realization that they’re in something toxic, and they need to fight to be clean. Or that if they send their loved ones, or person of interest my work, that they’ll realize. How crazy is that? I originally started writing in hopes that, that would be the outcome for my own personal reasons, but it turns out there’s a handful of individuals who had the same idea.

I’ve kept this novel’s premise, and plot very quiet because I was scared that someone would take the idea (Insert Drake’s Trust Issues) Now that I’ve got a rough draft in front of me, and I’m close to being done, I’m finally ready to talk about my longest commitment, this novel.

The novel is based on September 2013-2014, also known as First Year. Therefore, each University year will get it’s own novel, a Character in the novel will get his own side-novel, and a collection of essays, and poems will also follow throughout the release of each of these novels. That’s a part of my plan, for “The Diary of an Awkward Girl”

That’s probably not going to be the title considering that’s the hardest part about writing a novel, is coming up with a decent title. So as of right now, I’m pulling a Kanye and saying that this will be the title for now.

I struggle sometimes with writing essays, and the weird thing about this is that I was able to write 200 pages and majority of it within the span of a year. I started writing this at 16 for someone, for a boy. Then, I started writing it for myself, for my own resume. I wanted to get stuff done. Bitches, get stuff done. According to Tina Fey to be exact.

I would just like to disclaim (if that’s even a word): that everyone’s names are going to be changed, possibly even my own. Still haven’t decided. But, that doesn’t mean that the stories are changed, the premises are all still as accurate as can be. Nothing could possibly anger anybody in this text, and in the event that it does, please note that you should have behaved better. However, I write about people, and describe them just as they would wish to be described. Have you ever asked someone, to give you your own synopsis or character description? If so, what would they say?

I’m torn between Self-Publishing and Publishing, but I’ve bought the necessary literature to help me with that. I’ll be spending majority of this week doing my research, and deciding on what’s best for this book. I’ve had 3 people skim through it and their reactions pushed me to keep writing the rest of it. I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

PS: I teared up in Staples as they handed me my manuscript.
PPS: It has new book smell.



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