The Rum Diaries

It’s 10:15pm on a Sunday, my Bleachers vinyl has situated itself in its new home, and I’m in a good place. 


April’s flowers have bloomed, and I’m quite content with the direction in which things are going right now. I realized that when I was sitting in a Cab with my best friend, who was incredibly sober, and had to put up with me singing Gospel versions of Alt-Rock songs. Sponsored by Beck Taxi.

I think that’s my favourite part of the night, you’re sobering up and coming to the realization that you’ve had a good night, and you’re surrounded by individuals that have the potential to inspire you, even when you’re holding their hair.

I tend to create some of my best work, in these Taxi Cabs or the Washroom Stalls. I am the reason for Gracies’ bathroom line ups.

For good reason of course.

I’ve chosen the best pieces, and I’d love to share them with you. It’s my most honest work, with a lot more Grammar and Spelling mistakes.

January 18 2015

He seems disinterested in the world
But looks at me under the glow of streetlights
Like I matter

February 6 2015

I’ve written to you everyday
I write to God, I beg for answers
And when I’m mad I question his existence
I turned to religion, but Lord knows I’m begging for a Sinner.
I lose myself in bottles half empty, because I’m trying to fulfill the void you’ve left
(Ouu dark)
I asked the cab driver to give me a sign in hopes that he would bring me to you
But even I didn’t know where I was going
Or who I was going home to

February 19th 2015

People ask me what I see you
I tell them that you’re a Rock God
That I’m front row at every show
You started tuning out, technical difficulties I guess
What a rush you get from the attention of the audience
Your encore glare could kill a man
Leather God
Leather God
A rock song just came on the radio,
That’s odd

February 21st 2015

A homeless man asked my father for a quarter
and because he was used to the idea of expecting less
from people, he was shocked when my dad gave him more than he asked for
Whilst asking “Is this enough?”
When you told me that people perceive you in a different way
That it’s never going to be enough for people to shift their perceptions
I questioned how I could go from being a 3am thought
To sending you in my direction
And the more I drink, the more I repress, and the more I try not get nostalgic
The more I wish I could ask you how much is enough
And if you’ve had enough

March 28th 2015

A boy asked me today how I could write a dozen and more pages about a person
Why does the world need to know about this boy?
How could someone so quiet, silently expose so much
Because I could devise up a series
For someone that won’t publish their emotions
And it doesn’t take a well written heart
To write a best-seller
And I’m not an artist
but I could draw the way you looked in my eyes
And it still wouldn’t suffice

April 8th 2015

He was looking at me, adjusting his watch
Staring at my lips
and just by looking into his eyes, I knew that it was the type of gaze
That would haunt me as I was drinking tonight
It was the type of gaze,
“Baby I’ve already broken your heart”

April 23rd 2015

I think your favourite song just came on the radio
People often curse their loved ones favourite songs
Because it makes them nostalgic
I just want to sing them out loud

Until next week,


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