The One by Bianca Scarlato


How did you learn about love?

Raised on romantic comedies, Tumblr posts, and Instagram pretty ideals of relationships, we’re taught to search for “The One”.

The One

/tHē,tHə wən/


Your other half. Someone that will make you feel whole. They will change the way you see the world and the way you see yourself. They will inspire you, teach you, love you. You were meant to meet them in this lifetime.

2.  A fictional ideal of someone that will love you.

Remember The One you met when you were fifteen? He was your first everything.

Remember The One you met when you were seventeen? He promised you forever.

What about The One you met when you were 19?

I read something today that said “You’re lying next to someone you know isn’t The One. Maybe there isn’t A One.” (If you know the author of this quote hmu)

Are you chasing a non-existent idea?

I’ve been in love. More than once. I’m in love right now.

Your first love will teach you the most. You’ll learn what you want from another person. You’ll learn what you deserve. You’ll learn what you have to offer. You’ll learn how to love. You’ll learn that they weren’t The One even though you were so sure they were.

I don’t believe in the idea of The One. I believe in the idea of Some Ones.

The people we meet become our lives. – Or rather, our lives become of the people we meet.

Lost loves make room for new ones.

The empty space they left in your mind, your heart, or on your couch can’t be filled until someone new, someone better comes along.

You are bits and parts of everyone you’ve ever known – and everyone they’ve ever known.

Your experiences, your lessons, the people that surround you have combined in a way that allows you to think and act in your own individual ways. And If you’re lucky enough, you get to meet someone who can offer a new perspective, recommend a new movie, or take you to your favourite coffee shop.

Look for the ones who will inspire you. Change you. Teach you. Push you.

Fall in love. Fall out of love. Fight. Make up. Fight again. Make love. Laugh. Cry. Feel.

Just fucking experience as many people as you can, while you’re here.

Some will only stay the conversation, some will stay the night, grow up with you, grow old with you.

Love yours while you have their attention.

Appreciate each and every person that makes you so much as crack a smile, because those are the people, the ones who force you to feel, are who make up each part of you. Know that your life would not be what it is without each of their additions.

And once again, If you’re lucky enough to find Some One who’s made up mind perfectly coincides with yours, know that whether they go or stay, they will change you.

And you will never be the same.


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