Read This

If you need something to read today, this is it. Even if you’re still trying to piece together last night. Or if you’re waking up on your bathroom floor in the exact same position you left yourself last night. It’s brilliantly sunny today, and today is waiting for you.

If you’re upset, walk onto a different path. Don’t follow the herd because it’s beneficial. Don’t choose the easiest path. Choose the one with the greatest lesson. Stop romanticizing pain. You’re only supposed to let it hurt, to let it heal. Fight for the career you want. Instead of saying you’re going to do something someday. Start making a blueprint this very second, and set goals for yourself. Shock everyone with your master plan. You need a game plan, you can’t feed off of someone else’s. Being envious towards their accomplishments will only set you back.

Change your look if you’re itching for something different. If someone asks you why you cut off all of your hair, define the word control for them. Learn a new language, even if it doesn’t belong to your culture. Tell somebody off in Russian. There are no style boundaries. Wear all black for a week straight, and switch into a pastel dress. Curse when you want to. Crying isn’t a sign of weakness. Hiding emotions due to the judgement of others is.

Climb onto a rooftop and look down even if you’re afraid of heights. You’ll thank me once you see the view. Apologize once, but never repeat yourself. When someone apologizes, accept it but don’t say it’s okay. It makes people think they can do it again. Never repeat yourself. If they didn’t hear you the first time it’s their loss. You are not a broken record. If you’re thinking about someone, tell them. Especially at 4am, they’re probably up thinking the same thing. Smile at strangers. Especially women in washrooms at bars. They are not your competition.

Be civil with those who didn’t know what to do with your fickle heart. Instead of looking for your last love in other people, look for traces and pieces of yourself in them. Send reckless text messages. If you didn’t throw your phone out of fear, they weren’t reckless enough. Lose yourself in your art, or another person. But figure out who you are first. Don’t question what your partner’s intentions are and succumb to envy. If they’re with you, they’re down for you. Only you.

A man with a pretty face isn’t just there for temporary intimacy. So instead of treating him like he is, ask him what him what his favourite movie is, and why his father is his best friend. Get lost with your bestfriend, teach each other patience and never stop learning new things about one another. Call your mother, and thank her for teaching you self-love at a young age. Also water her plants.

I’m always preaching about how we take time for granted, and that it’s one of the most valuable lessons we are given. Instead of worrying about how there’s not enough time, take advantage of the hours and minutes you’re being given right now, and please do it your own way. What’s stopping you right now from getting what you want? What could you do to make it happen? What do you want to do? If it’s within reach, why haven’t you done it yet?

Start now



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