The People You Meet

“Some nights alone he thinks of her, and some nights alone she thinks of him. Some nights these thoughts occur at the same moment and they are connected without ever knowing it.” – Shopgirl

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It’s incredibly important to take care of the people around you. When you’re focused on them, and yourself, everything else around you falls into place, effortlessly. This week could’ve have been better, and what kept it from crashing down on me was the people around me. I want to talk about them, without…talking about them.

I’m sitting in my favourite coffee shop, enjoying a warm beverage because there’s this comfortable breeze coming in and out, and there’s something so comforting about a new season. I’m content whilst staring at my average sized fingernails. If you’re reading this, it’s too late. I cut off my nails. I’m okay with it. I’m okay, but sometimes I’m not. That’s okay too.

So, I want to introduce you to the people who have impacted me this week.

1) The Girl in the Parisian Cafe – She’s always one to keep me inspired, and I feed off of her radiant energy. I’m so grateful to get the opportunity to guide her into this new world (Universitears.) Monday, we spent our afternoon planning out the week, and Tuesday she sat across from me in another Coffee shop as I went from inspired, to biting my nails and questioning the notion of growth. I bought her one of my favourite pens, because I truly believe in her work, and I know there’s a lot within her waiting to come out. She taught me a very important lesson in terms of my work this week, that I have come a long way with my projects, and not to give up on them.

2) The optimistic girl who won’t stop giving – She gets her own blog post in November, but for now I can start by telling you that she’s my best friend. This morning, we got vulnerable with one another and instead of getting mad over our imperfections, we discussed how we could help each other. 7 years later, and we can still bicker in a bar and get over it when that Justin Bieber song comes on. I also called in panting on my way home telling her to go for it, because 9/10 times, the average human falls back into old habits only to become the person they’re meant to be. She taught me that these things happen for a reason, and time truly does reveal everything.

3) The Yin-Yang Twins – You know that theory, about everyone having this shape and somebody out there has a shape that fits perfectly into theirs. I see some people being a square and a circle, they’re almost there, but there’s still room left. I see these two being two of the same. Two circles. It was evident Friday night when I watched them interact with one another, and maybe it was the rum, but I could truly see them silently grateful for one another during their playful interactions. They taught me that you can find love in unexpected places, and people.

4) The Girl with wild curls, and ink stained fingertips – A writer, with an endless amount of hope for this one being. I’m hopeful with her, because I know how bad as human beings we want to trust the notion of loving effortlessly one more time, and another time. One of the better parts of my week, was our hopeful efforts falling back into place. I told her, that we’re going to fight this battle, because people want to see her lose. I’ll be damned if we let them win. She taught me to fight for myself in the same manner.

5) The Boy behind the Camera Lens – A new friend, and a great one at that. Not many will admit how wonderful it is to feel everything, even if it’s all at once. The kind of individual that looks at the world like there’s constant fireworks happening around him. Ladies, and Gentlemen in terms of his relationship – he’s doing it absolutely 100% right, and I only know the bare minimum. But I know enough to ensure you all, that a multitude of people need to take notes. He’s one of the first males to be reading my novel! 

6) The Anonymous Writer – This week, we discussed that I was one of the first people to publish her work, and I’m slowly starting to see her come out of her shell. I’m so frustrated with the publishing industry because I don’t know where to situate myself but my goodness, her bravery reminds me that when you put yourself out there, and you put good things out into this world…it will come back to you. She taught me to keep fighting for my work, and I will continuously fight for hers.

7) The Boy Who’s Okay. He’s Okay – After months of not interacting, nor seeing one another, that soon changed when I stumbled into a class I was still contemplating taking. Considering I know enough about of Modernism, I decided to put it aside and start my Business minor. A decision I was frightened to make. After a quick glance, I stared at the Professor’s neck-tie and took notes even though I had already enrolled into another course. I refused to look to the left of me, but when I did I studied him briefly before he could catch me doing so. He’s okay. We didn’t acknowledge each other, and that’s okay. Or it will be. I haven’t decided yet. He taught me more than enough in one year, but it turns out…I’m still learning.

8) The Girl Who Also Had Blue Ink on Her Hands – When I posted that March 23rd post, this was one of the people who made me so incredibly happy that I didn’t chicken out. I didn’t think that something so indirect, as that piece…could have resonated with so many people. But it did. I heard her side, and realized that many people fell in love for the first time this year, and they were forced to fall out of love. I almost feel responsible for those relating to my writing, but she’s come incredibly far. She also recognized one of the love stories from February (Diana + Guidi’s 4ever) after Diana walked into the Coffee shop, which was hilarious. She taught me that these things are temporary, and I’m not alone on this journey

9) The Girl with a fiery red hair, and a heart to match – My final individual is a friend of mine, whom I recently had coffee with before she went off to school. She’s in love, but she’s scared of the word temporary, and questions if you can grow out of love. I listened to the shakiness in her voice, and wished that the answer would come to her. She taught me that love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and that it’s okay to be selfish after being selfless for so long. 

We’re only human. A lot of these individuals reminded me that. Many taught me patience, and unfortunately this is becoming to long of a post, but they will be mentioned in the future. This wasn’t a good week, and whilst tidying up my room this morning and staring at my 7 long nails, and 3 shorter ones…I promised myself that next week will be better. To those whom also had a bad week, I hope this one’s better. I hope your skin clears up, that you’re more productive, that you wake up energized, and that your coffee’s taste heavenly.

And so it is.

Until next week,


Copyright © 2015 Daniella Beca MyCompositionNotebook


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