The Journey Part 1

Diana gave me this book as an early birthday gift from a leather market in Florence. It followed me to Portugal, Spain, and New York. Sometimes I feel like this wasn’t written a few months ago, but with majority of my writing I enter a certain place and stay there.

I plan on someday releasing all of it. But for now, here are a few of my favourite pieces and or quotes.


Because although I wish to belong to you I must remind myself that I belong to my own being first.
And I always will, but darling you don’t know how lucky you are.
 “Write Carelessly Now” – June 20th 2015

You’re a Keaton Henson song
You’re the violins that intensifies at bridge of one of my favourite songs
You’re the first foot into the ocean
You’re the first person to say yes
You’re always the last one to wake up
You’re full of soul, but you don’t know how to handle the passionate
You’re like a Keaton Henson song
You probably don’t know who that is
“And on purpose, I choose you
everytime Part 1″
(On the back of a Blue Jays ticket, June 19 2015)

We found each other without looking. It was like any other day. We walked to our own beat. Then we discovered everything there was to know about one another. From accidental scars, to scars purposely put. I fear a lack of discovery, but I cannot draw you a map, I can’t lead you to a place to which would not exist without you. – July 4th 2015

“But for now I shall practice past tense, in the event that someday someone’s going to say the right things that fit into a little nook in your heart” – July 11 2015

He was looking at me, adjusting his watch, staring at my lips, and just by looking into his eyes
I knew that it was the type of gaze that would haunt me at 2am while I stumble out of a dive bar. 
It was the kind of gaze that said, “Baby I’ve got your heart in the palm of my hand” – June 18th 2015



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