There’s no Such Thing as Bad Timing

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Your outer layer of skin replaces itself every 35 days. And the entire human body, right down to the very last atom is replaced every 5-7 years. Thanks Google. They don’t say anything really about the mind, or a person’s memory. My party trick is creeping people out with how well I can remember significant details, even if it’s been 2 years.

In the last 24 hours I’ve come to realize that it in fact is a small world after all, and that it takes 10 minutes to put you back in the place you’ve situated yourself for the last two years.

We want to be heard out, we have a voice, at least we had a voice, but stay silent until they’re done getting to and from their assumptions. I only realized the importance of a voice when I introduced “Bad Timing” to an auditorium filled with those ready to listen at 18. My voice has changed over the last couple of years, and it’s a little less shakier. There’s been new poetry, and posts, and an entirely different subject. But don’t close the curtain just yet, I’m not done speaking.

Reason no longer backs up our arguments, it’s just a “because” and a “doesn’t matter.” And suddenly you’ve been situated under a label, and they’re unaware that they’re minimizing people by assuming they’re out to destroy what they’ve found. I get it, protect your magic.

Jealousy, and hatred, are so toxic to such a pure heart. Rebelling against your army of sister’s allows you to make this a man’s world. The older we get, the less innocent our actions start to become. Nobody believes you can be 20 years old and still have the heart of a child, no longer worrying about whether or not your actions can be seen as verifiable, and justify what you’ve done, or in this case didn’t do.

Because of the immediate notion of the fact that there’s no such thing as a plutonic boy/girl friendship,  they’ll take away your best friend of 12 years because you walked into the wrong intersection at the right time on a Friday night. Do you hear that? It’s God’s laughter, that was all his plan. So take it up with him.

It’s already a rough time for women, an artist that prides herself on making people happy with her music is having her right to create taken away from her because the truth is locked into an 11 year contract, and doesn’t sell records. Sending all my love to Kesha, and anybody else going through the same kind of victimization.

Kindness costs nothing. Maybe if we lived in a world where people didn’t see it as a weakness, the world wouldn’t be ashamed of being a little softer. Stop being intimidated by education, how well we know a person, and how well we know ourselves.



2 thoughts on “There’s no Such Thing as Bad Timing

  1. Psilva says:

    Lovely reflexions and fully agree…you are as powerful and able as you mind , heart and actions allow you to be…theres no gender in kindness or rights!

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