Somewhere Only We Know

Someone shot a pistol into the sky, but didn’t know we’d run hand in hand. Because of that it became meetings at the bottom of the wrong street, between the right people. I pulled at the fabric lingering at the end of my slip dress. Time wasn’t a factor throughout all of this, because I thought we had all of it. What a flaw that is, to just want more of it. The Universe seems to only give you what you can handle, it takes the form of a game show host holding the microphone pressed up against its lips, “You asked for a pure heart with good intentions, and it’s yours if you want it.” We forget to read the fine print that says for a limited time only, but once we see it we scratch away at it with the tips of our fingernails. Suddenly my emotional vertigo wanders away, while my head settles in the clouds refusing to come down. What your sister says about him, becomes the lyrics to your favourite song, all you do is here it over and over again. My eyes are tired as a result of doing everything tenaciously, but I laugh at how heavy they are. I ripped holes in my jeans when I couldn’t write, and the girl that craves Autumn because it feels like her favourite James Bay song, doesn’t want September to come. We can’t help turning the lessons into habits, even if that becomes evident in our mannerisms, or even how we expect situations to work out. But my, how fast do we forget about that notion the moment they look at us to the point where we can see bolts of lightning in the reflection of their eyes.

So we sit patiently, we’re good at it. We’re used to waiting for the chime that echoes throughout our bedrooms that let you know that they’ve reached their bus stop. You wonder what the new normal will be at 3am, and for the next little while it will come in waves of powerfully pressed pen marks in your notebook, no ink just outlines. I’ll think about that evening where my eyes almost gave me away, but the entangled lights weren’t bright enough to do so.

It didn’t take a Marquee to tell me where I was going, so I pushed my way through the crowd and managed to catch the last song, hoping for an encore.


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