Who’s Behind This Blog?!

Daniella Beca
20 year old Canadian writer.
Upcoming Novelist (Release date: 2016)
Playwright/Director for the “Award-Winning” (Ya it won things I know keep it cool guys) “Bad Timing” an SJCS School Play

I’ve  always questioned why I was never good at math, history, science, gym, all those bad boys. However I discovered a love for writing at a young age

It brought me far enough to create this blog, write a play, exploit my poetry through Instagram and far enough to be finishing up a novel.
If anything on here offends, concerns, or disturbs you. I fear for your well-being because I live through these situations everyday.
Remember, that as a writer it’s not only important what you say, but how you say it.
Enjoy reading, and thank you for stumbling upon my blog and checking it out.

Daniella Beca


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