Meet Our Writers

Adriana Moraes: Featured Writer                                                                                      IMG_6007

Adriana’s not only a talented actress, but an even better writer.
Check out her pieces here: (Click here)

Twitter: mendozadrianaa
Instagram: I___aamm/

Find Adriana’s work here:
Stained Muse
Organ Transplant


Beth Hallows: Featured Writer


Beth uses her Alias to escape on MyCompNotebook, inspiring those around her and those who read her work.

Find Beth’s work here:
I’m Still Here
Cold Please
I Remember When I Hated You 

Diana Whistance-Smith: Featured Writer


Diana is currently studying Journalism at Ryerson, and is chillin’ on her Tumblr Fame Throne. I cannot stress how much I love her writing!
Diana’s Tumblr:
Diana’s Twitter:
Diana’s Instagram:

Read Diana’s work here:
“To The” 

Kristina Pantelone: Featured Writer


Kristina is studying English at Ryerson, wears oversized jean jackets incredibly well
and has a way with words.
Kristina’s Instagram:
Read Kristina’s work here:
Your French Needs Work

Lukas lyjak: Featured writer


Lukas is studying Engineering at Ryerson. Him and I telepathically co-ordinate our outfits, and I’m convinced my mom likes him better than me.
Follow Lukas on Twitter:
Follow Lukas on Instagram:
Read Lukas’ work here:
Theorem 1



Paige is a 3rd year Communication & Professional Writing student from U of T. Her blood-type is Chai-T positive and she would physically bow to more rap Gods than she is willing to admit.

Find Paige’s work (here)

Emily castrechino: FEATURED WRITER


Emily is a (soon to be) English Literature student, likes to pretend her life is a movie, and – in most scenarios – finds herself overdressed and well caffeinated


Find Emily’s pieces here: (Click here)

Erin McLean


20 year old Torontonian. Firm believer in using stacked books as furniture, telling people how you feel by writing poetry they will most likely never actually read, and the Oxford comma. The only thing preventing me from spending all of my awake existence in cafés is the fact that I can’t bring my dog inside. Waiting for the day when I meet someone who gives me feelings  equivalent to the ones I experience when I am reading my favourite book while drinking the perfect cup of tea.

Twitter: erinmcbos
Instagram: erinmcbos

You can find Erin’s posts (here)



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